A place of healing
for cats and humans
in Urubamba, Perú

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About us

Mishi Wasi means "The House of Cats" and is a colorful and artistic hostel for cats, which tries to help the cat population of the Sacred Valley, financing their work by renting rooms of feline concepts to travelers who love cats.

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Our Goal

As lovers of cats, what we want is to educate the population of Urubamba and throughout Peru, in the responsible tenure of cats, their vaccines, deworming, proper feeding and sterilization, as well as the demystification of superstitious and negative beliefs about them .

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Rescuing Cats

Whether they are stray, techeros or abandoned, all kittens rescued or accepted by Mishi Wasi go through a quarantine process to rule out contagious diseases, they are designated a date for their sterilization, and after their recovery they go through the socialization process with the cats hostel residents.

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